German Playgroup in Wellington

We are back. We meet about two Saturdays per month from 1 to 3 pm at the Miramar community centre.  To find out which Saturdays or if you have any other questions,  send us an email to

We share the German language, traditions, books and friendships.

Join the playgroup fun! We invite you and your children to join us at Rappelkiste. It’s where we play, speak, read and sing in German, where some close friendships have been formed, and where we teach our kids not only language, but also traditions. We’re looking forward to welcoming you, soon!

Please get in touch via email if you are thinking of dropping by for a visit.

Reading German books from our  book library
Outside play area at the Presbyterian Church

What to expect of our playgroup

A mix of free play & organised activities

Our sessions consist of free play followed by a structured activity such as Play-Doh, crafts, language games or the reading of German stories.

Shared tea

Tea and coffee, as well as delicious baked goods are provided by our members on a voluntary roster system. Due to regulations, BYO lunchbox for your kids.

German children songs

After cleaning up together, we end each session by singing German children's songs in the group.

Celebration of German traditions

We like to celebrate German traditions such as Fasching, Laternenlauf, Nikolaus or Eierfärben at Easter time.  

Strong sense of community

The members of our playgroup have a close relationship with each other and everyone plays their part in keeping the group running.


We’re looking forward to meeting you!

How to find us

Our Rappelkiste group runs about two  Saturdays per month from  1 to 3 pm at the Miramar Maupuia Community Centre.

27 Chelsea Street, Miramar, Wellington, 6022